Quality – Reliability and traceability above all

All the elements that are part of the bag-in-box Collection Verre après Verre® are like our wines : high quality materials. 


Cardboard packaging is made of natural kraft, double crossed groove, hot foil printing and selected varnishes (matt & shiny)


The bag supplied by SMURFIT is made of reinforced EVOH of 90 microns. It is today the highest resistance and best barrier to the oxygen ensuring that the wine remains uncontaminated by the air outside. Liquid is dispensed through a high performance Vitop® compact tap, which prevents air from entering the box while pouring the wine into the glass or decanter.

The greatest benefits this Vitop tap offers are its reliability proved over time, its simplicity of use, its dropless system, its excellent barrier against the oxygen.



Wine conditioning is exceptional. It is done directly at the chateau thanks to our own mobile bottling line, entirely automated. Its technological process reduces by 5 the remaining oxygen inside the BIB (BIBATTITUDE).



Origin and Confidence: each wine is signed by its own label from the wine-grower, who designed it.


All those technical components (box, bag, tap, bottling process) added to the quality of the wines so carefully selected and followed, make Collection Verre après Verre the signature of great wines in BIB.


Obsessive professional objective

Bring the consumer to discover, without any waste and for guaranteed pleasure, the wines of highest quality, at the best price.


BIB Quizz

Is wine in BIB as good as in a bottle ?


It is not the bottle that makes the wine, it is the wine-grower who does. Therefore if the wine is good right from the start, it will still be good after then, no matter how it is packed. 

What are the benefits offered by the BIB ?


Under normal storage conditions (temperature below 20°C) and once opened, the wine inside the BIB is still good for several months. Non-opened, it can be kept for 10 months for white and rose wines and 15 months for red wines.


The BIB protects first and foremost the wine from its worst enemies : air and light.


Equal in volume to 4 bottles of 75 cl or 25 glasses of 12 cl, the 3 Liters BIB is light, space-saving and very resistant. It is also ecological : its carbon report is 9 times lower than the one of a bottle !

• Friendly and playful


Its small volume and its no waste benefit allow you to taste several wines at the same time. You can have at home 2 or 3 BIB from different appellations and/or color opened simultaneously to satisfy different people tastes or to match with different dishes.

Moderate and money-saving consumption


You don’t need to push yourself to finish a bottle or to prevent yourself from opening one… you can enjoy wine without any waste glass by glass, moderately and with different kinds.

What about wine service?


Daily, alone or accompanied, you serve the wine glass by glass, directly from the BIB. During a meal, you can have the BIB on the table or pour it into a decanter.