In 1997, Jean-Paul and Sophie Lafage created their own wine merchant company under the name SOPARDIS® (Société Partenaire de Distribution). Their aim was to partner wine producers in distributing their wines to consumers at the best possible value and pleasure for money.



In 2000, they came across that container capable of keeping wine for several weeks after opening -the BAG IN BOX.



In France at that time, the consumption of appellation wines (quality growths from châteaux and estates) was in sharp decline. Consumers were more and more reluctant to open a bottle during weekdays for fear of not finishing the bottle and wasting what was left.



To help stop this decline and hopefully encourage consumers to enjoy wine more often, Jean-Paul and Sophie Lafage decided to offer consumers the chance to enjoy château and estate wines from prestigious appellations glass after glass (Verre Après Verre®), and without wasting a drop, thanks to the special ability of the BAG IN BOX to keep wine in perfect condition over time.



Stéphane Boutiton (former head Sommelier at Sources de Caudalies) joined Jean-Paul and Sophie in 2004 to help them seek out new appellations along the château roads. He follows the wines of each estate listed in the Verre Après Verre Collection®, and takes part in the careful blendings, which are the hallmark of Bordeaux wines.



SOPARDIS® believes it is the grower that makes the wine –not the bottle. If the wine is good in the vat, it will be good in any container, as long as its packaging process has been perfectly controlled and implemented.



This is why SOPARDIS® built its own packaging unit. Based on five years of observation and research, this tool, a world first, is an entirely automated mobile production unit, which can be taken from château to château to package those wines that have been rigorously selected by Stéphane.



Besides having the advantage of keeping wine in perfect condition, the BAG IN BOX is light, practical and completely recyclable. In combining high quality wines with the numerous advantages of this type of container, the Verre Après Verre Collection® concept has gained many satisfied customers.