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septembre mai janvier

Article about us !

article about Collection Verre après Verre We would like to thank Wendy for her article about our company ! Please, read it here : Lire la suite

The bag in box Collection Verre après Verre® have a good quality / price ratio

The good value for money is the « Collection Verre après Verre® » priority.

In over 12 years, we met about 700 wine-growers!
We work only with 50 of them.

My chef sommelier, Stéphane Boutiton, controls very carefully each wine, since he joined us 9 years ago.

He is in charge of the quality for all the wines “Collection Verre après Verre®”.

Like a bottle, we “boxed” the wine at the château, with our own truck.

Our policy is not propose “first price” wine, which will seriously impact the remuneration of our wine-growers partners and the credibility of our appellations.

In 12 ye... Lire la suite

Do restaurants offer Collection Verre après Verre® for consumption ?

Yes, for the ones who had the chance to meet us ! Actually, our company structure being very light, we cannot physically be everywhere to encourage tasting and sales of wine by the glass. We are always looking for quality partners who would like to sell Chateaux wines, under the signature Collection Verre après Verre.

But the BIB image is still not good. Consumers and wine sellers keep thinking that the wine in bottle is of better quality than the wine in BIB. As I constantly say everyday, a bad wine in bottle will never become a good one. And a very good wine in bottle will not be so good after being opened for 3 days, and would only be good for vinegar !

... Lire la suite

Why great appellations in BIB ?

What a delight today to have thanks to this packaging the opportunity to drink during the same meal (alone or with someone), a glass of Chateau d’Eck (Pessac-Leognan) followed by a glass of Chateau Moutinot (St Estephe) and to finish a glass of Domaine de la Lande (Monbazillac)

This privilege is offered by Collection Verre après Verre®, whereas alone or accompanied you wouldn’t have opened 3 bottles !

No more pressure to feel forced to finish a bottle in one of great wine that was opened in one meal. You don’t have to resign to only one wine for your meal anymore.

Now thanks to BIB you can enjoy as it is supposed to great chateaux wines ... Lire la suite

Why do we put fine wine in a box and what is the impact of its use?

When winegrowers t serve the wine in a glass, the BIB device is used by many of them .The BIB device conveys many advantages. It also improves their image.

For 8 years we have proposed the very good quality château d’Eck Pessac-Leognan in bag in box.

This wine is served in a glass in many places and restaurants. It raises consumers'awareness. It helps to increase the notoriety of the wine. As a result, this wine has quickly become the “Best seller” in many restaurants.

Lightweight, portable and unbreakable, boxed wine lets you enjoy your favourite appellation anywhere. No need to worry about a corkscrew or broken glass.

... Lire la suite

BIBATTITUDE: a guarantee of excellence

BIBATTITUDE is a sign of quality, for the owners of domains who want to widen their range of containers. It 's a different way, off the traditional glass bottles meant for consumers who want to drink in a glass.

BibAttitude offers a safe and secure ecological service of bag in box to the châteaux wishing to change their ways of distribute wine. Thanks to it you can keep the flavour of the wine.

After 5 years of studies, BibAttitude propose a secure and an ecologic service. Filling the wine at the château, guarantees its quality and traceability.

As the consumer trusts the notion of “Mise en bouteille au château”, conditioning at the chât... Lire la suite

Why does Collection Verre après Verre® use the original Vitop tap ?

Because for 12 years now that CVAV® exists, we have tried several kinds of taps. Our different experiences have strengthened our idea that the Vitop tap is the most efficient.

We have also realized that the Vitop tap has proved its top quality by exceeding the symbolic number of 2 billion taps having no quality problems.

Vitop tap is fully part of the success and reliability of BIB.... Lire la suite

Let's talk about wine in BIB and about this packaging

Wine in BIB is a great progress in terms of wine conditioning. This packing allows to keep the wine for 3 to 6 weeks after boing opened. This long lasting conservation is due to the association of an air-proof tap which brand is Vitop and a bag that retracts as the wine is poured.

This simple principle gives a remarkable ar-proof quality, causing no contact between the air and the wine inside the bag. Therefore the early ageing process due to the oxygen does not happen and so the wine keeps its qualities and flavors.

The concept of BIB appears as the answer to what consumers hope for.

Our box contains a vacuum-sealed bag, and the ... Lire la suite

Let's talk about wine conservation in BIB Collection Verre après Verre

25 years ago very few wine-growers were waiting for a perfect grapes maturity, the wine was very astringent, and needed a long time in the bottle to be ready to drink.

Do you know that 25 years ago the grapes were harvested with much less maturity and de-stemming of the grapes was not used a lot. For those reasons, the wines back then were more acid, astringent, and only a short or longer ageing process in bottles would erase part of the green taste.

Today, wine growers that use top of the range wine making process harvest the grapes at perfect maturity, and we are able to bring you wines that don’t need to age.

Today the grapes are over ripe... Lire la suite

Bag-in-Box (Bib) Collection Verre après Verre®, a matter of choice?

Our leitmotiv is to propose a large range of different good quality wine by the glass.
The “Bag in Box” packaging seems to be the ideal solution to keep your wine delicious.

When Sandrine goes to the supermarket, she’s in charge to choose the wine as well: “I buy always the box “Collection Verre après Verre®” because the wine is always very good and the choice very large”.

For the aperitif, Philippe likes to propose a good glass of wine to his friends ; red, rosé or dry to sweet white wine at the correct temperature, the size of the box is easy store in the fridge.

Jean-Christophe feels confident when he chooses “Collecti... Lire la suite